Rope each come in 3 fresh new colorways, allowing you to switch and mix freely in between our many choices and create your perfect match.

This is the rope phone strap item.
(You have to order another phone case for the complete items)

Step 1: Choose the color of the rope
Step 2: Pick one of our phone case design CLICK HERE
Step 3: Place the order


  • Color options: Acid Midnight Blue/ Red Wine/ Dark Green
  • Material of the rope: 100% Nylon Strands (Made in the USA by an official Government Contractor)
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • 550 lb. Minimum Break Strength
  • Quick Drying All Weather Cord - Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Our ropes come with a metal strap adjuster that lets you customize the cord length to fit.
  • Easily unscrew thread into our Phone Cases

The first graphical of trendy designs for mobile devices created by The Layers. Our techgoods are exported worldwide, creating stylish and colour styles for fashionista like you.


THELAYERS Crossbody Rope Phone Case

  • THE LAYERS phone case with a round necklace and metallic gold fittings. Our rope is a round woven cord with detachable metal endcaps which easily unscrew thread into our Phone Cases. And it's smooth and silky to the touch whilst also being sturdy and easy to clean. Rope each come in 3 fresh new colorways.

  • THELAYERS 手機殼掛繩柔軟舒適質感,而且輕鬆搭配你的日常。雙色設計並配上玫瑰香檳金/ 銀色,感覺更時尚有個性。長度可自行調整,使用時不會覺得手機重。(顧客需加購手機殼一起購買)

    THELAYERS 拼色手機殼掛繩
    極簡時尚配色設計, 獨特配件令你的手機變得獨一無二。
    (顧客需加購THELAYERS+ 手機殼一起購買)

    Step 1: 先選繩子顏色
    顏色選擇: 酒紅色/ 深綠色/ 深藍色
    Step 2: 選手機殼 按此選購
    Apple : iPhone 6 / 6 plus / 7 / 7plus / 8 / 8plus / X/ XS/ XR/ XS MAX/ iPhone 11/ iPhone 11pro/ iPhone 11pro max/ SE
    Samsung/ Sony/ HTC/ LG/ OPPO/ MI/ ASUS/ InFocus/ huawei

    Step 3: 付款即可

    顏色選擇: 酒紅色/ 深綠色/ 深藍色
    繩子厚度: 4mm (長度可自行調整)
    繩子材質: 採用100%尼龍原料製成,具有至少550lb的斷裂強度

    快速乾燥所有耐候線, 不會腐爛或發霉



    The Layers 是一個時裝品牌,除了設計服飾我們還會悉心設計一些簡約風圖案,為手機製作出完美的掛件配飾。



    如希望以SF EXPRESS 順豐快遞送貨,請在購買時在備註欄註明一下。