◽️WHITE GREY | Minimalist Environmentally Friendly Protective Cloth Mask

+ Washable cloth masks for adults from locally sourced Japanese fabric
+ An opening in the cloth mask for a filtering material to fit inside
+ You may use dried wet tissue putting it in the mask


SIZE: 20*15cm (Unisex)



  • Adjustable Mask Strap: 3mm
  • Outer Material: Ultra-Lightweight Cotton
  • Inner Material: Bamboo Charcoal Fabric
  • Air Valve: 1pc

Air Valve is engineered to transport out the exhaled air and make the mask less moisty and easier to breathe through.


The exhalation valve on the mask act as a ventilation system, making the mask easier to breathe through. When you breathe, the valves are transporting out the exhaled air to prevent the mask from becoming warm and moisty. The valves are engineered to only transport out the exhaled air, and not let any unfiltered air to sneak in.


Referred to as “the Black Diamond” in Japan and Southeast Asia, bamboo charcoal fiber use is an emerging trend in the fashion industry as manufacturers look to combine fashion with function.

The bamboo charcoal is created by heating bamboo at temperatures of 800 degrees and then the charcoal itself is processed and mixed in with fabrics as part of the growing field of nanotechnology.


/ Cloth face coverings should /
+ Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
+ Be secured with ties or ear loops
+ Include multiple layers of fabric
+ Allow for breathing without restriction
+ Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape





Should cloth face coverings be washed or otherwise cleaned regularly? How regularly?

Yes. They should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use.


How does one safely sterilize/clean a cloth face covering?

A washing machine should suffice in properly washing a face covering.


How does one safely remove a used cloth face covering?
Individuals should be careful not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth when removing their face covering and wash hands immediately after removing.



UN-2L-F AIR MASK 2.0 | WHITE GREY | Reusable 3D Breathable Cloth Mask cover

Size of the mask
  • 冷淡灰白 | 簡約超輕量3D剪裁透氣布口罩套
    THELAYERS 3D立體臉型設計剪裁

    +增加醫療 / 外科口罩的使用次數
    +外置排氣系統 (圓形配件)

    此產品不含醫療口罩 / 外科口罩 

    尺寸A : 18  x 14cm (適合女生)
    尺寸B : 20  x  15cm (適合男生)

    布料: 無染料毒素/ 日本布料
    外層: 純棉輕量透氣布料 (潑水性材料, 質感啞面更顯好氣色)
    內層: 特選日本竹碳布料 (親膚透氣, 可吸除濕氣、預防濕疹皮膚敏感、減低暗瘡粉刺生長)

    圓形配件: 囗罩專用排氣孔 (氣閥)

    / 3mm 橡根繩及軟膠調節扣 /
    / 適合不同臉型大小人仕 (成人使用) /

    ⚠️ 使用後必須清洗消毒,可用洗衣液、中性清潔劑、洗手液清洗
    ⚠️ 洗淨後拉平晾乾即可
    ⚠️ 適合重複使用
    ⚠️ 勿使用衣物柔軟精或烘乾機

    ⚠️ 籍此延長使用普通口罩時間2-3天

    可置入拋棄式醫療型口罩作濾材 | 3D 立體大空間(方便講話,女生口紅不易沾到)

    產品可選顏色: ◽️白雪灰色/ ◾️個性黑色



  • THE LAYERS | UN-2L-F AIR MASK | Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19/ Coronavirus.
    Reusable Mask with double layer fabric. It is Washable and 100% Handmade. Eco friendly product. UN-2L-F AIR 2.0 MASK is designed in Hong Kong with the highest quality materials in order to be comfortable for your skin and safe to breathe through.