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" T H E /  L A Y E R S "


“The Layers” was established in 2013 by two young graphic designers with a vision in fashion, Jessica Y and SuenoSteve. 



We are the first fashion brand to offer layering as its focused designs. Many fashionista friends love to style their outfits with various layers. We are aiming for the utmost in one-piece layer-styling.



We want our customers to feel comfortable and at ease with the layer-styling that we have created. Casual or sophisticated, our layer-styling designs will add fun and value to any wardrobe!



At “The Layers”, we not only want to introduce the versatility of layering styling, but we also want to share our layering techniques and vision.We invite all fashionista friends to come and share with us the experience and pleasure in using any of our “The Layers” garments.



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