MODEL UN-FS V2 Decompression strap

+ Mask artifact (this product does not contain masks)
+ Ear protection strap
+ Easy and convenient three-section adjustment
+ Makes masks easier


This item is not including UN-3L-G AIRMASK mask cover
You may purchase it HERE


Adjustable Mask Strap: 12-22cm

The strap easily secures to the top FID buckle.

Heavy Duty VELCRO® at the back side (high quality holding power)

Material: CORPORATION® Nylon StrapLock: Unique technology FIDlock(Simply attached to the ends of the relevant straps. The size can be adjusted on one side.)


The patented fastener technology offers a number of advantages: it enables virtually automatic closing and allows the fasteners to be opened in a user-friendly manner with just one hand – even when wearing gloves. The fasteners are also highly reliable, robust and secure.

This is made possible by the use of slidable neodymium magnets combined with stable mechanical locking. The result is an important feature of Fidlock fasteners: two different procedures are used to open and close the fastener.

When the fastener is closed, the magnets move towards each other due to magnetic pull and, once they connect, the magnets are automatically securely locked together by the mechanical locking functionality. When the fastener is opened, the polarity of the magnets is reversed by sliding them apart, for example by turning the fastener. This means that the magnets repel each other, supporting the opening procedure.


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MODEL UN-FS V2 Face Mask Decompression Quick Release Strap

  • THE LAYERS - MODEL UN-FS V2 Decompression strap

    Made to alleviate ear pain from wearing masks for long periods of time. Adjustable Mask Strap: 12-22cm

  • THE LAYERS+ MODEL UN-FS V2 機能口罩套鬆緊減壓帶 


    可調整尺寸 : 12-22cm (男女適用)

    帶子物料: 美國重力織帶
    扣子: 德國進口塑料磁力材料扣子

    UN AIRMASK口罩配件系列  黑色 MODEL UN-FS可調節式掛頸配件,長度可自行調整,使用快速拆扣及背包織帶,舒緩耳仔負擔,進餐時把織帶調鬆 掛頸方式,不用把口罩除掉,適合不同臉型大小人仕 (成人使用,男女適用)  ,產品用手洗即可.

    / 此產品不含圖中的UN-3L-G AIRMASK口罩套 / 
    如需要購買UN-3L-G AIRMASK口罩套

    產品顏色: 個性黑色